Installation which took place in October at the Museum of Moscow.
“Hay, mother, fetch me something to eat!” I am sitting in here and thinking over and over, what should I do from now on? Tell me, what? A long time has passed. “Hay, mother, make me some tea”. I don’t know anything, I am not sure of anything. For how long will it last? “Stop talking to me, I am so tired”. I am so tired of everything. For the life of me, I can’t figure out which way I should go. What am I here for? Why am I being like that? Don’t you know the answer? If I am alive, there should be a reason for that...
A room cluttered with furniture. No air. No hope. The smell of burnt oil and dirty stains on the wallpaper. Sticky floors and routine life. A room full of emptiness. And I feel this emptiness inside of me. Four walls are my limits. This exhibition raises an issue of a person’s inability or unwillingness to change their life and break out of their routine. The main character, a middle aged man living in conditions of mother’s overprotection loses the ability to survive. He becomes emotionless and apathetic, doesn’t know what he wants and whether his life has a meaning. He creates his own reality, gets stuck in his comfort zone and loses the track of time. Nothing changes in his “empty box”. This is a rough example of inactivity and routine, which endeavors to swamp the main character.
Curators:      Alina Zakharchuk      Daria Fedorova      Daria Mikhailova

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